• Seperate independent auto back flushing allows convenient machine maintenance

  • Raised group head to fit tall cups or take away cups.

  • Electric volumetric programmable buttons.

  • Colorful pressure gauge/sight glass allows easy monitoring.

  • Professional stainless steel exchange boiler system ensures the best temperature stability and sanitary conditions

  • Patent hot water and steam knob features two methods of operation: twist or pull, it also allows steam pressure release for safe operation.

  • Duplicable pre-programmed dosage

  • Protection program set up for preventing maching from overheating without water (ETL)

Coffee Espresso Machines

Lion Series Espresso machine is designed in a unique style which combines a striking steel front with diamond black sides. It is produced with high-quality parts and designed to produce optimum steam and water pressure for extracting a perfect espresso.

(L2)  2 Espresso Brewing Units

Espresso Brewing Unit


(L3)  3 Espresso Brewing Units

(L1)  1 Espresso Brewing Unit


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