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B3, Steam Plus Tea Brewer, conceived through the combines efforts of the manufacturer and famous tea cafe chain store, can extract 6 liters of tea within 4 minutes, enabling tea house owners to serve as many cups as possible a day. In addition, owing to its unique electrical control feature, users can create many tea settings unlike anything ever seen.

Today, with its innovation and technology, our machines are becoming import equipments for modern tea cafes, restaurants, and hotels. We are dedicated to manufacturing the most advanced equipment for the tea and coffee industry.


Large Capacity Tea Brewing Machines

  • Patent multi-section pre-infusion feature allows extraction of different tea sizes as you desire from weaker to stronger tea​.

  • Bulk tea brewer design with steam and stir funtion when at pre-infusion stage. (Optional)

  • Whirling steam, radiating hot water and high pressure extracts the perfect tea.

  • Volumetric programmable buttons.

  • High volume brewing capacity design. The highest quantity to program is 10 litres per delivery.

  • Patent water and steam inlet design.

  • Pre-heat energy conservation boiler system designed for the best tea extraction.

  • Machine is built tall to allow putting a container underneath to collect extracted tea


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