The Evolution Of Tea & Coffee Brewing,

Coffee & Tea Made With State-of-Art Technology.

The Boba Supplier

Seakingdom Inc.

Lion Series Teapresso machine is based on our professional knowledge and experience about tea brewing, and can brew a cup of tea within 2 minutes. You can create your own beverage menu using the smart programming system. It’s not only fast but also fresh and can increase the beverage variety, market share and profit margin of a traditional beverage shop.​

  • Seperate independent auto back flushing allows convenient machine maintenance

  • Raised group head to fit tall cups or take away cups.

  • Electric volumetric programmable buttons.

  • Colorful pressure gauge/sight glass allows easy monitoring.

  • Professional stainless steel exchange boiler system ensures the best temperature stability and sanitary conditions

  • Patent tea portafilter retains water inside the brew basket unless extracted under pressure, to guarantee the best pre-infusion result

  • Patent hot water and steam knob features two methods of operation: twist or pull, it also allows steam pressure release for safe operation.

  • Ergonomic portafilter allows easy tamping. The protrafilter can sit itself on counter tops

  • Duplicable pre-programmed dosage

  • Protection program set up for preventing maching from overheating without water (ETL)


(L3T)  2 Teapresso Brewing Units

(LB2T)   1 High Volume Brewing Unit

                 2 Teapresso Brewing Units



Teapresso High Volume Brewing Unit

Tea Espresso Machines

(L2T)  1 Teapresso Brewing Unit

Teapresso Brewing Unit


  • 2-liter capacity high-volume brewing unit can extract a large volume of tea (6 to 8 liters)

  • Patent water and steam inlet design

  • Patent safety locking lid

  • Patent multi-section pre-infusion feature allows extraction of different tea types and strengths as you desire from weaker to strong tea

  • Stainless steel filter requiring no consumable inserts, just rinse and re-use

  • Whirling steam, radiating hot water and high pressure extracts the prefect tea